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FAQs To Ask Destin Attorneys

In Florida, couples who want to end their marriage have questions about the divorce proceedings. The state requires petitioners to meet specific residency requirements, and the couple must come to an agreement to achieve an uncontested divorce. Any disagreements lead to mediation or a divorce trial. Destin attorneys answer frequently asked questions about divorce proceedings.

When is Sole Child Custody Available?

Sole custody is available when only one spouse is alive or when a parent presents a serious risk to the child. Under the circumstances, the petitioning parent could acquire emergency custody after the risk is reported. After sole custody arrangements start, the noncustodial parent receives supervised visitation.

When are Parental Rights Terminated?

Parental rights are terminated when a parent presents a serious risk to the child. Typically, the risk equates to physical or sexual abuse. Parents who are convicted of dangerous crimes lose their parental rights, too. If both parents are unfit to raise the child, their rights are terminated, and the child becomes a ward of the state.

When Do Noncustodial Parents Stop Paying Child Support?

Noncustodial parents stop paying child support once the child reaches the age of majority. In the state of Florida, once the child is eighteen years of age, they are legally an adult. However, the custodial parent can extend the payments if the child continues to live with them while attending college. The custodial parent must file a motion to continue the child support payments.

Is Alimony Always Permanent?

No, alimony payments aren’t always permanent. Permanent alimony is available to a spouse after ten years of marriage. However, if the spouse remarries, the permanent alimony payments stop. Temporary alimony is paid during the divorce, and rehabilitative alimony is paid while the spouse attends college to increase their earning capacity.

In Florida, couples consult attorneys when they need assistance with divorce cases. Creating a divorce agreement requires the couple to choose child custody arrangements and divide their assets. In some rare cases, a parent could file a motion to end their spouse’s parental rights. The requests are granted under serious circumstances only. Petitioners who need more answers about a divorce contact an attorney now.